Colorado Breeze is a characteristic, natural carbon dioxide creating gadget that builds plant creation, development and size. Make your plants more joyful with Colorado Breeze. CO2 has been displayed to increment fruiting bodies size and result in bigger better plants particularly when CO2 levels are expanded during the blossoming stage (for most plants 2-3 weeks). Colorado Breeze accompanies a free top off which protects the gadget will normally deliver CO2 for the whole blooming stage. Essentially add Packet An and Packet B into the jug and add warm water. CO2 creation begins minutes in the wake of adding warm water. Colorado Breeze will deliver CO2 consistently for around 7 days. Following 7 days, just dump out the all regular combination and top off with the included top off packs and its all set once more. Extra top off packs are ready to move on Amazon. Spot Colorado Breeze close to your plants or suspend it above them for stunningly better outcomes as CO2 is heavier than air. Best for a 1-3 plants, you might need 2 Colorado Breeze for a regular 12x12x12 develop room. Not at all like mycelial CO2 creation items, there is no danger of presenting hurtful growth or bug bugs.