The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) is the main container European participation association in the mechanical hemp area.

We similarly address the interest of hemp delivering and preparing organizations.

EIHA was initially shaped right around 19 years prior and authoritatively established in 2005, with workplaces in both Brussels and Cologne.

Our enrollment envelops 25 EU states and 12 extra nations remembering individuals for North America and APAC containing an all out participation of 200+, basically ranchers, processors and makers; addressing the whole chain from seed to retire.

Our essential target is to screen EU hemp related approaches and to furnish the EU leaders with precise and dependable data across various circles of abilities. EIHA is presently observing the accompanying approaches: CAP change, Hemp removes/Novel Food guideline, THC limits in feed and food, Life Cycle Assessment of hemp materials, CO2 impacts, natural concerns and beauty care products.