Girl Scout Cookies CBD E-Liquid 50ml

Girl Scout Cookies CBD E-Liquid 50ml

The acceptability of cannabis-related products has grown rapidly in the past couple of years, and this growth has led to rapid innovations in the industry. As cannabinoids derived from cannabis such as cannabidiol or CBD, cannabinol or CBN and cannabigerol or CBG are legalized worldwide, more and more brands are trying to penetrate the cannabis market with innovations.

While vape pens have been trending for a long time as an alternative way to consume nicotine, the recent mix of CBD in the equation has taken the market by storm. Brands that previously focused on concentrated CBD oils only launch their blends and selections of vape juices, with each vape oil offering a different flavour. One such product is the Girl Scout Cookies CBD E-Liquid by Orange County CBD.

Being one of the pioneers who introduced unique flavours of vape juices, such as the Sunset Sherbet vape oil or the Pineapple Express vape juice, Orange County CBD has not cut itself short with the Girl Scout Cookies E-Liquid. We will be reviewing all aspects of this vape juice, so read ahead to see if this vape oil fits your criteria for a good vaping experience!

Quality Control and Manufacturing

When it comes to vape juice, quality refers to the CBD that goes into making it and the accessibility the vape oil offers. Orange County has covered all the bases with its e-liquids, including the Girls Scout Cookies E-Liquid, as it offers both quality and accessibility.

Sourcing their hemp from certified farms in the U.S, there is no question about the quality of hemp Orange County has used for this vape juice. The authentic hemp combined with a high-tech non-solvent extraction method makes sure that the final product is free of any GMO strains, pesticides or impurities. Simultaneously, although this is a broad spectrum vape liquid which means it is free of any THC, it offers an uninterrupted entourage effect without any use of THC.

As far as accessibility is concerned, all vape juices by Orange County, including the Girl Scout Cookies e-liquid, hit the mark. This e-liquid offers compatibility with an array of vaping devices. Simultaneously, they are perfect for sub-ohm vapes due to the 60:40 ratio of VG: PG in them.

Affordability and Pricing

When it comes to CBD, the pricing of products matters a lot. This is because the effects of CBD begin to show after consistent use, which means consumers need to buy them more than one time. If a product is not affordable, it won’t be a viable option for consumers. Orange County has considered this when pricing their products as the Girl Scout Cookies E-Liquid is highly affordable. A 50 ml bottle of vape juice with either 1500 mg or 2500 mg of CBD will only set you back £30. Combined with the free shipping for U.K citizens, there are not many CBD brands that offer the same affordability as Orange County CBD.

Unbiased Lab-Testing

When it comes to organic substances such as CBD or Kratom, third-party lab tests are extremely important to ensure authenticity and safety. Orange County makes sure all of its products are tested for any heavy metals, impurities and contaminants, and their certificate of analysis is available on the product page of all of their CBD items. Simultaneously, the certificate of analysis will also tell you the THC count in the products. Since there is a legal limitation on the amount of THC that a CBD product can have, lab tests become even more important to prevent legal trouble. Click here to see the certificate of analysis for the Girl Scout Cookies vape juice, which contains no THC as it is a broad-spectrum product.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer reviews always give you the perfect insight into the quality of the product and the services that the brand or vendor offers. As far as the customer reviews on this vape oil are concerned, they are extremely positive. Not only are customers satisfied with the performance of the Girl Scout Cookies e-liquid, but they are also more than happy with the customer service Orange County offers with their friendly and helpful customer service representatives.


In conclusion, this vape juice is one of the most popular products by Orange County and for a good reason too. Not only does it offer a unique, sweet flavour which you won’t find anywhere else, it also offers the desired effects of CBD alongside it. No matter which vape pen you are using, this vape oil will be functional with them. To get your hands on this e-liquid, visit Orange County’s website or order through one of their largest distributors, THCBDX.