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This CBD deal contains adult content and is only suitable for those 18 years or older. Confirm age at next step.

Our Apple CBD oil is a solid choice within our broad-spectrum selection, offering you all of the advantages of our multi-award-winning CBD using all the delicious flavour of applecider. Coming at a choice of 500mg, 1000mg, or 1500mg, you’re going to be able to pick the ideal strength to fit your dose.

Whether you understand exactly what you’re looking for or are just breaking into the world of CBD, our apple oil is one of the greatest ways of getting your dose of broad-spectrum CBD. At Orange County we know that everybody enjoys CBD differently. Having complete control over your CBD consumption is a very important part of correctly enjoying it. That’s why we’re offering our Broad Spectrum CBD oil in many different flavours and strengths.

Our petroleum consists of the maximum quality CBD along with a range of additional naturally occurring cannabinoids, giving you the full benefits of the entourage impact with minimal interference. These cannabinoids are extracted with a non-solvent process, letting us offer you a CBD product completely free of pesticides and GMO compounds.

Additionally, it includes a selection of terpenes extracted in precisely the same manner as the CBD itself, giving a foundation of flavour and smell for the apple flavouring to build on. This also gives the oil a smooth flavor that helps it move down even more thankfully.

The exact amount of oil you opt to choose will vary based upon your dosage. You’ll have to decide the ideal amount for yourself, but all our products include a thorough dosage guide on the peel-and-reveal labels. Dosing your CBD oil could not be easier, that’s why it’s among the most popular goods on the CBD UK marketplace.

To take CBD oil simply drop the desired step under your tongue, then holding it for 30-60 minutes, prior to swallowing the remainder.

If shaken thoroughly and correctly measured each drop of our oil should contain:

One full pipette contains 17mg of CBD

Each drop contains 0.83mg of CBD

One full pipette contains 33mg of CBD

Each drop contains 1.67mg of CBD

One full pipette contains 50mg of CBD

Each drop contains 2.5mg of CBD

Do not exceed the FSA recommended limit of 70mg of CBD per-day.

Broad Spectrum hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) 500mg per 30ml, MCT Oil, Natural Flavourings, Terpenes.
Broad Spectrum hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) 1000mg per 30ml, MCT Oil, Natural Flavourings, Terpenes.
Broad Spectrum hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) 1500mg per 30ml, MCT Oil, Natural Flavourings, Terpenes.

Our commitment to the quality of our CBD doesn’t just end at R&D: we continuously examine our products to make sure they meet our high standards. Each bottle of CBD oil (even these flavoured CBD oils!) Come with a QR code on the tag, providing you with a direct connection to the relevant certificate of investigation. For our most recently released laboratory reports, have a look at our site.

More than 400% times the cannabinoids than other brands.

Legal for purchase and use in the United Kingdom.

Reputable United Kingdom based company