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Drag X & VMate Pod: Limited Edition

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Drag X and VMate Pod

The restricted version Drag X and VMate Pod double pack from VooPoo offers you a phenomenal heap of equipment at an incredible cost. The matching of these two gadgets was a great idea, offering you the enormous and amazing Drag X with its heavenly interface close by the watchful and rich VMate Pod. Accompanying a selection of curls for the Drag X, this is all that you could need in an extravagance vape unit.

The Drag X is probably the most ideal alternative for experienced vapers available today. At 122mm long and weighing 124g, this uncompromising gadget will make you pursue that white monster from morning to night.

The Drag X is worked on a solitary 18650 outside battery mod, a bigger force source than numerous vapes of its size. In spite of the fact that battery life relies upon recurrence of utilization and curl power, client criticism proposes that a completely energized battery with a sub-ohm loop could keep going for up to two full tanks worth of fluid.

The Drag X is viable with each PnP loop underway. This pack accompanies a PnP VM6 0.15ohm curl and a PnP VM1 0.3ohm loop as standard, giving you a decent reach in your underlying decision. With an obstruction limit of 0.1-3.0 ohms be that as it may, the Drag X can cover everything from a light M-L vape and some genuinely incredible D-L encounters.

The flexible wind current check allows you to locate the ideal measure of air to coordinate your preferences, while the great cowhide handle will fit cozily into your palm regardless of how often you get it out in a day.

The Drag X games a 4.5ml tank, giving you a lot of ability to work with. Pulled straightforwardly off the gadget with a charged fixing framework, it’s both simple to top off and makes trading out loops overall quite direct with negligible loss of existing E-fluid.

The control framework for the Drag X is genuinely great, with a top notch screen driven by a Gene Chip ID interface. By squeezing the + and – fastens together, you can open a scope of settings that give you more noteworthy command over your vape. Settings include:

Brilliant mode, which naturally changes the blackout of the gadget with the loop to forestall overburdening.

RBA, which considers a client set wattage going from 5w to 60w.

Press and Auto, which underpins vaping even while the gadget is bolted.

The Drag X can be bolted to forestall unintentional terminating and force changes while in your sack or pocket.

Different highlights of the Drag X incorporate the Puff Tracker, which allows you to monitor the number of puffs generally speaking you’ve drawn from the gadget, just as top to bottom status notices including a Check Battery Warning, a Maximum Power Indicator, a High Temperature Indicator, a Time Out Status, a Check Atomizer Indicator, and an Atomizer Short Warning.

This close to unequaled scope of programming interface is continually being refreshed as well; simply utilize the C port with the link that comes in this pack to connect your vape to the VooPoo site through a PC and introduce the latest updates.

Where the Drag X is the awesome vigorously designed vapes, the VMate Pod is a heavenly illustration of rich effortlessness. At only 90mm long it’s the correct size to be conveyed tactfully in a pocket. With a battery limit of 900mAh it’s ideal for those short hits for the duration of the day.

The LED marker gives a supportive scope of data on the battery status: green demonstrating 60% or above, blue for a reach somewhere in the range of 59% and 21%, while red tells you that 20% has been reached and that it’s an ideal opportunity to connect. With its USB viable charging port you’ll have the option to top up the charge quickly.

With a 0.7ohm curl you’ll be getting a strong strength hit while guaranteeing that you will not be consuming the 2ml tank excessively fast. The actual tank is planned brilliantly, with a lifting tank/curl mix that is not difficult to pull out and tops off with a sliding board set into the side. With the straightforward head you’ll never be pondering exactly the amount E-fluid you have left.

The vape doesn’t have a terminating button, the curl responding completely on the power of your inward breath. This forestalls the vape from unintentionally terminating while in a sack or pocket, while the 8-second computerized security slice off guarantees no harm to the curl from abuse. Just as this, the plan of its framework guarantees insurance against over-charging, over-current and shortcircuiting.

Both of these vapes are brilliant decisions relying upon what you’re searching for. For a top to bottom, adaptable involvement in a scope of various forces, the Drag X is the awesome. For a direct, simple to get a handle on and straightforward vape, the VMate Pod marks all the crates. As a joint present for an amateur and a veteran vaper, a strong fundamental and an attentive reinforcement for somebody with a ton of involvement, or a beginning gadget with a move up to “open” when you get its hang, this restricted release pack will work well for you for quite a long time to come.


PnP make the absolute best curls available today, joining excellent materials with astute plans. The two PnP loops viable with the Drag X that come in this pack are each evaluated for 1 fourteen days of utilization, contingent upon how frequently and how strongly they are utilized. Moreover, the loop cartridge of the Vmate Pod has a standard operational existence of 1 fourteen days.


Vapes can confront a scope of specialized issues, some of which are more mind boggling than others. The Drag X has the advantage of its innovative presentation, ready to demonstrate a scope of various issues with the gadget on the off chance that they should come up. These sort of caution frameworks can be exceptionally useful when halting issues before they even start. With this, investigating the Drag X ought to be incredibly direct.

Dissimilar to the Drag X, the VMate Pod’s single catch show can’t help us an excessive amount of when diagnosing an issue with the gadget. Notwithstanding, the direct and basic plan of the Vmate Pod with its completely encased inside will assist with forestalling a portion of the more normal specialized issues vapes face.

For additional subtleties on specialized issues that could occur for your Drag X or VMate Pod, what to look out for and a few hints on the best way to address them, visit our blog.


The Drag X and VMate Pod are both very much planned gadgets viable with a wide scope of E-fluids. This incorporates CBD E-fluids which, while imbued with CBD, have no altogether various necessities to ordinary E-fluids. Vaping CBD has become a well known strategy for dosing CBD the world around, and with either the Drag X or VMate Pod you’ll have the option to appreciate it in a scope of ways.

Our own CBD E-fluids are completely viable with both the Drag X and VMate Pod. For a scope of flavors and forces look at our Vaping Bad reach, while in case you’re searching for that bona fide taste and smell view what the Cali Range can offer you.

Albeit completely legitimate in the UK, we do urge you to check your neighborhood laws with respect to CBD use prior to buying from us.


Vaping equipment in the advanced market should meet severe necessities of security to be generally sold and conveyed. At Orange County we could sell nothing without first being certain beyond a shadow of a doubt of its quality.

The Drag X has a scope of inside and out wellbeing highlights that more than satisfy current guidelines. Just as the typical securities against shortcircuiting, power floods and wellbeing clocks that have come not out of the ordinary across the business, the Drag X gives us a scope of status alarms through its presentation screen. These caution the client of expected issues inside the gadget before they at any point form into something that could be risky.

Albeit more shortsighted, the VMate Pod impeccably fulfills guideline wellbeing necessities across the business. As an additional measure its completely fixed plan, coming up short on even a battery port, goes further to guarantee the wellbeing of this gadget.


Sub-ohm vaping is a well known technique for getting a charge out of E-fluids, everything being equal. Utilizing a bigger curl with a lower obstruction level, sub-ohm vaping guarantees that more E-fluid is changed over to fume with each drag, giving you bigger billows of a more grounded intensity.

The Drag X is appropriate to sub-ohm vaping for an assortment of reasons. The 4.5ml tank gives you a lot of E-fluid stores to make those bigger mists, while the scope of curls it underpins considers a wide decision of sub-ohm encounters. With its 18650 battery mod the Drag X has all that anyone could need of a force supply to meet the sub-ohm necessities, while the flexible yield through the RBA mode allows you impeccably to tailor the strength of your hauls to precisely your requirements.

Drag X & VMate Pod

The limited edition Drag X & VMate Pod dual pack from VooPoo offers you a fantastic bundle of hardware for an excellent price. The pairing of these two devices was a stroke of genius, offering you the large and powerful Drag X with its stellar interface alongside the discreet and elegant VMate Pod. Coming with a choice of coils for the Drag X, this is everything you could want in a luxury vape kit.

The Drag X is one of the best options for experienced vapers on the market today. At 122mm in length and weighing 124g, this heavy-duty device will get you chasing that white dragon from morning to night.

The Drag X is operated on a single 18650 external battery mod, a larger power source than many vapes of its size. Although battery life depends on frequency of use and coil power, user feedback suggests that a fully charged battery with a sub-ohm coil could last for up to two full tanks worth of liquid.

The Drag X is compatible with every PnP coil in production. This kit comes with a PnP VM6 0.15ohm coil and a PnP VM1 0.3ohm coil as standard, giving you a good range in your initial choice. With a resistance capacity of 0.1-3.0 ohms however, the Drag X can cover everything from a light M-L vape and some truly powerful D-L experiences.

The adjustable airflow gauge lets you find the perfect amount of air to match your tastes, whilst the high-quality leather handle will fit snugly into your palm no matter how many times you get it out in a day.

The Drag X sports a 4.5ml tank, giving you plenty of capacity to work with. Pulled directly off the device with a magnetized sealing system, it’s both easy to refill and makes swapping out coils nice and straightforward with minimal loss of existing E-liquid.

The control system for the Drag X is truly impressive, with a high-quality screen driven by a Gene Chip ID interface. By pressing the + and – buttons together, you can unlock a range of settings that give you greater control over your vape. Settings include:

SMART mode, which automatically adjusts the power outage of the device with the coil to prevent overtaxing.
RBA, which allows for a user-set wattage ranging from 5w to 60w.
Press & Auto, which supports vaping even while the device is locked.
The Drag X can be locked to prevent accidental firing and power adjustments whilst in your bag or pocket.

Other features of the Drag X include the Puff Tracker, which lets you keep track of how many puffs overall you’ve drawn from the device, as well as in-depth status notifications including a Check Battery Warning, a Maximum Power Indicator, a High Temperature Indicator, a Time Out Status, a Check Atomizer Indicator, and an Atomizer Short Warning.

This near unmatched range of software interface is always being updated too; just use the C port with the cable that comes in this kit to link your vape to the VooPoo website through a computer and install the most recent updates.

Where the Drag X is the best in heavily engineered vapes, the VMate Pod is a stellar example of elegant simplicity. At just 90mm in length it’s the right size to be carried discreetly in a pocket. With a battery capacity of 900mAh it’s perfect for those short hits throughout the day.

The LED indicator gives a helpful range of information on the battery status: green indicating 60% or above, blue for a range between 59% and 21%, whilst red lets you know that 20% has been reached and that it’s time to plug in. With its USB compatible charging port you’ll be able to top up the charge in no time.

With a 0.7ohm coil you’ll be getting a solid strength hit whilst ensuring that you won’t be burning through the 2ml tank too quickly. The tank itself is designed wonderfully, with a lifting tank/coil combination that’s easy to pull out and fills up with a sliding panel set into the side. With the transparent head you’ll never be wondering just how much E-liquid you’ve got left.

The vape doesn’t even have a firing button, the coil reacting entirely on the force of your inhalation. This prevents the vape from accidentally firing whilst in a bag or pocket, whilst the 8-second automated safety cut-off ensures no damage to the coil from overuse. As well as this, the design of its system ensures protection against over-charging, over-current and short-circuiting.

Both of these vapes are excellent choices depending on what you’re looking for. For an in-depth, customizable experience with a range of different intensities, the Drag X is the best around. For a straightforward, easy to grasp and no-nonsense vape, the VMate Pod ticks all the boxes. As a joint gift for a novice and a veteran vaper, a solid main and a discreet backup for someone with a lot of experience, or a starting device with an upgrade to “unlock” once you get the hang of it, this limited-edition bundle will serve you well for years to come.



A range of issues can cause a vape to stop working, though in many cases they can be easily fixed. Check out our Why Is My Vape Crackling blogpost for an outline of some of the most common issues with vapes and how to fix them.

If the problem is more serious, you may need to seek support from the manufacturer. As standard the Aspire PockeX comes with a one-year warranty from Aspire themselves. This warrant card will be included in the packaging with the device and charger.

Check out our Returns Policy for information about returning a defective vape to Orange County.


We consider the Aspire PockeX to be one of the best devices for vaping CBD E-liquids. With the strength of its standard 0.6ohm coil and the ease of access to the tank, the design is perfect to get you a pleasant, controlled dose of CBD.

The Aspire PockeX is works with a range of CBD E-liquids, including our Vaping Bad and Cali ranges. For the perfect set to break into CBD vaping at a fantastic price, check out our CBD Vape Kit


The LED located on the side of the Aspire PockeX indicates the battery status. When the battery is above 30% the light will flash blue. When it gets to 30% or below, the light will flash orange.


The models of atomizers developed and used by Aspire are some of the best around. Balancing high quality material with intelligent design, they are some of the most practical on the market today.

The atomizer on an Aspire PockeX will wear out at a different rate depending on your use. Some frequent vapers can use them up within 2 weeks, whilst others will make an atomizer last months. Aspire themselves recommend swapping out atomizers after 30 days.

As always, properly priming your vape and being careful not to over-charge it with long drags is the best way to get the most from the atomizer.


We’ve mentioned that the Aspire PockeX supports a sub-ohm coil, but what exactly does that mean for your vaping experience?

Generally speaking there are two ways of vaping: Mouth-to-Lung and Direct-to-Lung. Mouth-to-Lung vaping involves holding the vapour in your mouth before fully inhaling into your lungs, similar to how a cigarette is smoked, whereas Direct-to-Lung vaping involves inhaling the vapour straight into your lungs, like regular breathing. A Mouth-to-Lung vape uses a coil with a higher resistance value and is generally smaller than a Direct-to-Lung coil. This means the E-liquid vapourises over a longer period of time, creating a less intense cloud. Direct-to-Lung, which uses a larger coil with a resistance value below one ohm (sub-ohm), vapourises the E-liquid faster and therefore makes more a more intense vapour cloud.

The Aspire PockeX supports a Sub-ohm coil and so it’s best used for Direct-to-Lung vaping, giving you a straightforward inhalation process with a more intense cloud.


There are a few reasons to choose to go with a sub-ohm vape over a device with a higher resistance.

Firstly, if you’re looking for that intense throat-hit from your CBD E-liquids, sub-ohm is the only way to go. The increased power running through the coil means that your cloud will be more intense than a coil operating at a higher resistance, packing more of a punch into every puff.

Still, plenty of vapers go in it for the cloud alone. We’ve all got a little bit of the aspiring smoke machine in us, so seeing those big clouds come out can be a very satisfying experience. A sub-ohm coil will use up more E-liquid with every firing, so when you hit the drag hard those clouds will come out much bigger. Many vapers, more focused on this cloud than getting a hard hit, will pair their sub-ohm vapes with a lower concentration E-liquid to get a similar intensity in a much bigger cloud.

It’s also worth noting that the motion of inhalation with Direct-to-Lung vaping is more straightforward, mimicking regular breathing rather than the breathe-hold-inhale process of smoking. For those of us who have struggled with this in the past, a sub-ohm vape can be much easier to get to grips with.


The early days of vaping is littered with stories of avid vapers tinkering with their devices to lower the coil resistance, often leading to some electrifying experiences. Thankfully this has been a lot less literal in recent years. With the development in modern coil and battery technology, as well as a wealth of safety measures and the general standardising of quality across the industry, sub-ohm vaping is now safer than ever. The Aspire PockeX uses the best of these latest innovations. The odds of a short-circuit with a sub-ohm vape are roughly the same as a short circuit on any kind of device: virtually nil.


Having a suitable device for sub-ohm vaping means more than just having the capacity to support a sub-ohm coil. Tank size, airflow design, battery capacity and output all have a distinct effect on how effectively a device can be used for sub-ohm vaping.

The Aspire PockeX checks all our boxes for sub-ohm vaping, an impressive feat considering how small the device is. With a top-facing air intake and a wider drip tip it’s maximised the limited space of the device to ensure proper ventilation and cooling. Meanwhile, the 1500mAh battery perfectly fits the needs of the 0.6ohm coil, giving it enough wattage to operate effectively whilst letting the battery last you a good long while.

More than 400% times the cannabinoids than other brands.

Legal for purchase and use in the United Kingdom.

Reputable United Kingdom based company