Sunset Sherbet CBD E-Liquid 50ml

Sunset Sherbet CBD E-Liquid 50ml

In the 21st century, one industry that has grown exponentially over time has been the cannabis industry. While it was completely illegal at one point in time, including any of its cannabinoids, recent developments have resulted in select compounds which stem from cannabis being legalized. One such cannabinoid is cannabidiol which is also the most popular one due to its efficacy.

When an industry grows, so do the suppliers and consumers for that industry. Due to this upward trend in the cannabis industry, rapid innovation has led to new ways of consuming CBD. While vaping was already trending before CBD became all the rave, the concept of integrating CBD oil into vaping is only a recent development. This shift in the market has resulted in a flood of various e-liquids, with every vape oil being different from the next.

One such vape juice we are reviewing today is the Sunset Sherbet Broad Spectrum CBD E-liquid 50 ml. Orange County CBD is one of their most innovative creations as it tries to offer consumers a unique flavour combined with the same high-quality CBD that Orange County CBD always promises. Read further to get a grip on every aspect of this vape juice!

Quality and Manufacturing

While Orange County’s expertise is not limited to producing high-quality vape juice, they pride themselves in the excellence of their e-liquids. Naturally, one of the most important considerations for any consumer is the quality of the product and the manufacturing process that goes into achieving that quality.

Orange County is reasonably transparent with its manufacturing process regarding all of its products, including its Sunset Sherbet vape oil. All of the hemp used in their products is carefully grown in the United States with efficient scientific methods to ensure their quality. Simultaneously they also utilize state of the art extraction processes to convert that hemp into consumable products such as the Sunset Sherbet vape juice.

The Sunset Sherbet broad spectrum vape juice is free of any solvents or pesticide due to the highly efficient extraction process Orange County uses. Simultaneously, the Sunset Sherbet e-liquid, like all other products by Orange County, is GMO-free which gives you a completely organic experience. Another unique feature of this custom blend of vape oil by Orange County is its flavour. Each bottle 50 ml bottle of Sunset Sherbet contains 1500 mg, or 2500 mg of the award-winning CBD Orange County produces. Combined with a series of terpenes to enhance the flavour and smell of the e-liquid, you get an earthy element on the palette, which adds to the sherbet flavour of the vape juice.


Value for money is a big deal for people, especially in e-liquids, as you need to use them consistently to produce their effects. Orange County recognizes this as the general price range for all of their products is a reasonable one. The Sunset Sherbet E-liquid is no different from a 50 ml bottle, whether 1500 mg or 2500 mg, costs only £30. Simultaneously, if you are a U.K citizen, you save even more with the free shipping Orange County offers.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Lab-testing is an intrinsic feature of any good CBD brand or vendor. Since CBD is extracted from an organic plant, there is always a risk of the final product being filled with contaminants due to a rigorous manufacturing process. This is why it is natural for consumers to look for a lab test that proves the authenticity and safety of the products they are looking to buy.

When it comes to CBD specifically, lab tests become even more important as they tell you how much THC there is in the product. Since the legal limitation on THC is 0.2% or less, it is necessary to be sure of what you are carrying to avoid trouble. Orange county has considered all of these factors as every single one of its products, including the Sunset Sherbet, is lab-tested for any contaminants, impurities or heavy metals that may ruin the product. You will find their certificate of analysis for the lab tests on the page of every product they offer. Click here to view it now!

Customer Reviews

The easiest way to figure out if a product meets the mark is to assess the customer reviews. According to the reviews customers have left on Orange County products’ they are doing something right. Not only are customers happy with the high-quality products they receive, but they are also completely satisfied with the extremely helpful and friendly customer service that Orange County offers. All-in-all, Orange County has left no stone unturned in its attempt to give its customers the best that they can give.


Conclusively, Orange County has covered all the bases which differentiate a good CBD brand from an excellent one. From offering excellent customer service to providing their customers with unique and effective blends of CBD products, there are not a lot of flaws you can point out when it comes to Orange County. When looking at the Sunset Sherbet itself, people are more than happy with the out of the ordinary flavour the e-liquid has and the efficiency with which it produces its effects. To get your hands on this great vape juice, visit Orange County’s website or visit one of their largest distributors, THCBDX.